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Banking & Finance

We make your banking software safe, reliable, and

Banking Needs

Develop high-quality, flexible, and sustainable banking software with the help of our experienced team. We create robust payment platforms with the highest level of protection as well as build comprehensive CRM/ERP systems for financial data providers and banks. Every project we work on is thoroughly tested and supported, which allows your business to meet all the security and usability requirements of the digital transformation world.

  • Corporate Banking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Asset Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Comprehensive Reporting

At QArea, we develop banking applications with well thought out architecture and logic while their interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Bank clients need to be sure they can conduct all daily operations in one place without the risk of personal data loss. We help banks to create long term and trustworthy relationships between them and customers, making their interaction a pleasant experience.

  • Online Support
  • Security & Privacy
  • Online Banking
  • Credit Card Management
  • Banking Self-Service
  • Financial Operations and Transactions

Innovative and customized banking software with QArea’s experts

Our Banking & Finance Expertise

Accounting Mobile Apps

We create responsive accounting software that helps companies of all sizes to run their business smarter and more accurately. This is an effective way to track finances and manage companies’ cash flow.

Online Banking System

Increase overall user loyalty to your product and making it the best choice for your clients’ daily banking operations. Build systems that allow users to perform banking transactions online and give them full control of their finances.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA can eliminate tedious tasks and help bank employees focus on more important activities. We select innovative technologies that help companies automate their internal processes for efficient work execution.

Banking Software Testing

We use effective automated and manual testing strategies to eliminate financial risks and make your software becomes fully suitable to the industry requirements.

Payment Integration System

We help banks and financial services to provide their clients with secure transactions and uninterrupted data processing. The software we develop is intuitive, well-designed, and 100% secure.

Customer-Relationship Management

We develop CRM systems to help financial institutions manage customer journeys effectively. This improves customer experience and contribute to the development of trusting and long-lasting relationships.

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