QArea delivers a wide range of GIS and navigational solutions that include, but are not limited to: navigation maps, geomarketing solutions, thematic maps, logistics, fleet management as well as web, desktop and mobile special purpose GIS applications.

Experience of developers, modern tools and equipment and a customer-centric approach allow us to develop unique, purpose-fitting products, which collect and integrate data into fully operational maps and navigation applications. Our developers are also keen at implementing this level of solutions into other, already existing (or currently under development) applications granting more functionality and richer features.

We use in-depth surveying as one of possible approaches to map development. This leads to maps, which are based on accurate and appropriate terrain surveys. Maps, which will be updated constantly, allowing best possible end-user experience. Experts from QArea are also skilled and experienced in delivering data processing services which relate to GIS and navigational solutions.



  • We know GIS technology to its core, every single layer of GIS maps will be precise and accurate.
  • You will receive premium-class quality solutions for a reasonable price.
  • You will be able to choose a business model that works best for you and your business.
  • You will be carefully guided through the entire cycle of development.
  • Our teams are located in Ukraine, which means there are practically no drastic cultural differences.

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