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Key Features of Telemedicine Software Development

With the healthcare software development market growing at a rapid pace, now is the perfect time to get into telemedicine as a provider. However, it takes a flawless custom telemedicine application to generate buzz, build trust, and continuously increase revenue. This is where we come into play, as our telemedicine application development services have helped dozens of companies achieve recognition with high-quality products. Here are the key features of our telemedicine app development services:

  • Ensuring a well-organized workflow
  • Maximizing the potential of each technology
  • Attracting users with both design and functionality
  • Making sure you and your team click
  • Getting you two steps ahead of the competition

Custom Telemedicine Solutions We Deliver


EHR and Medical Data Access

Access to medical data and electronic health records (EHR) is one of the main reasons why companies develop a telemedicine application at all, so this functionality has to realized flawlessly and with scalability in mind.


Appointment Booking

Appointment booking telemedicine software solutions provide a convenient, easy way for patients to plan their visits and for providers to manage their schedules and share information with hospital administrators.


Chat and Video Conferences

Both real-time and asynchronous telemedicine services are the backbone of the entire telehealth industry, which means that the conference feature needs to provide a smooth user experience for everyone involved.


Billing and Administration

Billing and administration telemedicine app features include integrations with hospitals and insurance companies, make the process easier for all parties and free of any mistakes that come with manual data processing.


Custom SOAP Notes

SOAP notes provide a simplified and standardized way to organize, maintain, and update patient files, making sure that no piece of data goes missing, no information gets stolen, and no condition gets ignored.


Test Results

Various test results and medical images are stored securely in the application, providing instant access for healthcare professionals who can review them, issue electronic prescriptions, or set up other tests.


Medical Device Integration

Comprehensive telemedicine app development should always account for medical devices and wearables, creating seamless integrations and data transfer while keeping the information secure and accurate.


Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM combines the use of modern technology with personalized care, employing various health devices and sensors to observe the patient’s health state with regular checks and two-way communication.


Mental Health Services

Remote therapy and counseling are the future of mental health care: they unlock access to therapy services to underserved categories of users while allowing providers to increase coverage and market share.


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Our Featured Telehealth Projects

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a game-changing calorie counter that lets fitness enthusiasts get the most accurate numbers on their food consumption. The app allows users to track the nutritional values of meals from a default list or add their own food. Also, we added a manual workout tracker and a step counter so that people can be more informed on their daily activities’ impact on their health. The app is available for mobile and web platforms.

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My Fitness Pal

Last Mile Health

We partnered with a Liberian healthcare organization to develop a project aimed at preventing the propagation of Ebola virus. The application we developed allows medical practitioners to fill in patient data by conducting surveys on Ebola symptoms in country residents, share this data online to healthcare facilities, promote Ebola awareness, and accurately track the spread of virus.

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Last Mile Health

MVP Development for a Mobile eHealth Solution

Helping a European healthcare company become a pioneer in the local eHealth market with an easily accessible, highly functional, user-friendly application designed for all categories of users.

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MVP Development for a Mobile eHealth Solution

Manual & Automated Testing for a Healthcare Document Management Platform

Performing QA for a cloud-based platform built to help clinical research sites, sponsors, and CROs improve the efficiency, security, and transparency of their workflows and document management.

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Manual & Automated Testing for a Healthcare Document Management Platform

Strong Architecture Creates Unbeatable Solutions

Medical software development leads to endless benefits to end users, providers, and everyone in between. And, on any telehealth development project, powerful architecture is the key element of success. At the heart of every telemedicine application is the cloud server, which is also responsible for data storage and processing, as well as ensures smooth video conferencing and streaming. 

Other vital elements of the architecture include a patient-side application, an application for medical staff, and an admin panel for management and setup. In addition to that, the architecture that telemedicine apps offer can include medical imaging software, IoT integrations, EHR management, and many other features. At the end of the day, the functionality and usability of telemedicine app solutions is down to the team involved in the telemedicine app development process.

Create user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software that benefits both you and your patients

What You Can Do Using Telemedicine Apps

Primary care

Telemedicine software got a big boost during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when patients would no longer visit their physicians for the risk of getting infected. These services have since become even more popular, providing patients and doctors with an easy, safe, and fast way to connect.

Emergency care

This type of robust telemedicine solutions are aimed not at patients, but at healthcare providers treating patients with acute conditions, such as stroke or major trauma. They allow on-site and remote specialists to coordinate their efforts on the app to ensure the best possible care for every patient.

Remote nursing

Telenursing is some of the most basic telemedicine functionality that allows patients to get timely care while reducing the pressure on nurses. Using video and audio conferencing, as well as data from medical devices, nurses can quickly monitor the patient’s vitals, control recovery, adjust treatment, and request additional help if needed.

Care in rural areas

One of the reasons why telemedicine mobile application development became as big as it is today is that it allows to provide better care to patients who have traditionally been underserved — primarily, in rural areas. With remote healthcare services, patients in rural areas can get better primary and emergency care for all conditions.

Remote pediatrics

A telemedicine mobile app can be successfully used for pediatric care, and not just at home or in the hospital, but also at schools or daycare centers. Not only can minor patients get help faster, but they are also more likely to open up to a provider and share more information than during an in-person visit thanks to a less formal environment.

Physical therapy

Many popular telehealth app development solutions include remote physical therapy, allowing physical therapists to examine patients remotely, craft custom rehabilitation plans, upload pre-recorded guided therapy sessions, and monitor the patient’s progress over time.

Benefits of Telemedicine Development With QArea

Robust tech expertise

As a custom software development company with 22+ years of experience, we know all about popular and niche technologies and will always find just the right tech stack for your development project.

Product mindset

Instead of just clocking in and out while providing software development services, we treat every project as our own and take full responsibility for the product even when the development phase is over.


Excellent code quality

With strict code quality control practices and a proprietary code audit tool, we can vouch for every line of code we create, building a telemedicine solution that is stable, scalable, and engaging to all users.

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Flexible management

When you hire telemedicine app developers from QArea, you can be as involved in the project as you want to be. We also offer a variety of cooperation models and can combine them whichever way you please.

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Delivery right on time

We guarantee that your custom healthcare software development project will be completed before the deadline and we take every detail into account to give you a realistic timeline of project delivery.

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IT support included

Your only concern should be maximizing the potential of your app development and design teams, and we will take care of the rest: software and hardware infrastructure, DevOps services, IT support, and more.

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How A Custom Telemedicine App Can Benefit Your Business

Using telemedicine services obviously has endless benefits for the patients, but here is how utilizing a telemedicine app can also help transform your business:

  • Ability to serve more patients regardless of the location
  • Better health outcomes through centralized efforts
  • Streamlined appointment management and fewer no-shows
  • Preventing life-threatening conditions through early detection
  • Error-free calculations and control over timely payments
  • Automated reports and communication with insurance providers
  • Reduced exposure to infectious diseases for personnel

Technologies for Healthcare App Development

As the leading telemedicine app development company in our niche, we employ some of the industry’s most qualified software professionals. With 350+ talented engineers proficient in telehealth software development, we know exactly which technologies to use throughout the development process. These are some of the technologies we use to create a telemedicine app.

Telehealth App Development Process

Over the years of successfully developing software solutions for healthcare and telemedicine businesses, we have found the most effective approach that allows us to hit every milestone exactly on time. Here is how the work on your project is going to go.


  • Gathering business requirements
  • Analyzing end user needs
  • Planning the project


  • Conducting market research
  • Creating user flows
  • Developing wireframes


  • Project scope agreement
  • Budget & time frame estimate
  • Contract terms acceptance


  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Automation testing


  • Releasing the application
  • Overseeing integrations
  • Providing ongoing support

Project start

Project start

Telehealth Software Testing Services

When working with our software development company, you can fully expect us to develop a telemedicine app on time and in full. However, the work on a telemedicine application does not stop with the last line of code being written. It also takes comprehensive telehealth QA to make sure that your telehealth solution is ready to see the world. And with 22+ years in software testing, we can help you eliminate all possible risks.

Deliver complex features in simple forms

Functional testing

Functional testing

To ensure your telemedicine app development solution works exactly as intended and has the quality users can depend on, we will use various functional testing techniques and our vast software testing expertise.

Express your brand’s unique personality

Non-functional testing

Non-functional testing

Using a combination of manual and automated testing, we will make sure your application is secure, compatible with different platforms, properly localized, and delivers stable performance even in unexpected scenarios.

Design a solution your customers need

Compliance testing

Compliance testing

These days, both regular users and healthcare professionals will only trust a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution with their private, sensitive data. And we specialize in compliance testing for all solutions.

Our Select Clients

Last Mile Health

Customer Reviews About Our Development Services

Our completed projects are our source of pride, and our clients are out source of inspiration. In 22+ years, we have worked with some of the most prominent tech market players, and also helped newcomers make a name for themselves with a flawless software solution. Here are some of our clients talking about their experience of working with us.

“The pivotal role QArea played in the evolution of HuffingtonPost.com cannot be overstated. Swiftly assimilating into the core team, they contributed features that surpassed the most stringent standards of productivity and demand. Demonstrating excellent corporate synergy, QArea exhibited the highest sense of responsibility and delivered top-quality work.”


Paul Berry,

CTO at the HuffPost.

“Our project was to produce the first step on an advanced e-commerce platform in .NET. QArea showed outstanding quality based on a great quality of code including structure, speed, and design. Within the budget, with the help of creative solutions, QArea does not only produce what we instructed, they actively and creatively suggest improved solutions. I truly recommend QArea.”

CBI Stores AB

Pontus Granborg,

Co-founder / CEO at DataSquad.se.

“I have worked for 1 year with QArea and have had a terrific experience. Very highly technically capable and excellent follow-through on promises made.”


Marc Cenedella,

Founder & CEO at Knozen, Inc.

“We’ve been working in collaboration with QArea for more than 3 years. During this period the QArea team showed a high level of professionalism and quality of work. We depend on their contribution and hard work for our project development. We rely on QArea for providing qualified and experienced resources at a reasonable rate.”


Nick Brachet,

CTO at Skyhook.

“The QArea team has been an indispensable asset for the client, helping the company achieve many of the milestones and releases with speed and the utmost quality. They would always go above and beyond to support impromptu releases.”

5th Kind

5th Kind,

QA Director.

We Help With

Your tech partner needs to be well versed in all kinds of software-related services. As the software development process involves different stages and cycles, the most natural solution is to have them all performed by the same team of experts. That’s exactly what our diverse range of services is for.

The choice of technology for your software project is one of the defining factors of its success. Here at QArea, we have hands-on experience with dozens of popular front-end, back-end, and mobile technologies for creating robust software solutions.

In-depth familiarity and practical experience with key technologies are one of the cornerstones of successful software development and QA. But it also takes specific knowledge of the industry to develop a solution that meets the expectations of the stakeholders and propels its owner to success.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Reach out to an even wider audience with a custom, widely accessible web app.

Corporate Website Development

Corporate Website Development

Ensure an effective online presence for your business with a corporate site.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Take the first step on the way to a successful business with an MVP.

SaaS Development

SaaS Development

Meet your business goals with a powerful, custom SaaS solution.

Testing & QA

Testing & QA

Make sure the quality of your solution meets your expectations.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Beat the competition with a modern, breathtaking & user-friendly design.



Create stunning, highly functional, and easily scalable front-end solutions.



Build flexible, good-looking front-end solutions for any scale and purpose.



Construct a powerful, stable, and secure back-end solution for your business.



Take advantage of the .NET flexibility and scalability for your back-end solution.

React Native

React Native

Turn your mobile app idea into reality with a custom React Native solution.



Build a highly personalizable blog, eCommerce shop, or corporate website.

HR & Recruiting

HR & Recruiting

Optimize your HR processes with a functional and powerful solution.



Pave the way to future success with our startup development expertise.



Build a healthcare product designed for dependability and rapid growth.



Give your buyers what they want — a seamless shopping experience.

Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

Create a product with rich functionality and impeccable security.

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