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Healthcare Needs

We can create software for healthcare startups, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and sports institutions. From mobile applications that help your users build healthy habits to fully-fledged ERP and Patient Management systems for hospitals that exclude the need for routine administrative tasks. Let’s improve your relationships with the patients, cut costs on management processes automatization, and minimize risks related to data security.

  • Feature-packed Medical Software
  • Stable Service Security
  • Easy Resource Management
  • User/Patient Engagement
  • Big Data and Integrations

Clients want reliable, convenient, and well-performing software. They also want to be able to have online consultations with doctors, to book appointments, and be reminded of them. With a sense of responsibility and respect for the user, we help healthcare businesses to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Great Performance and Speed
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • E-consultations
  • Maps and GPS Navigation
  • Information Resources

Case studies

Health Clinic Companion

Health Clinic Companion

Our client was developing a web-app companion that their doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers could use to manage appointments and track prescriptions.

Website Quality Assurance for Senior Care Company

Website Quality Assurance for Senior Care Company

Automated and manual QA services for the website’s user interface, data processing, and server-side performance.

Lung Cancer Foundation

Lung Cancer Foundation

This application helps people to navigate through disease-related pools of knowledge and gives precise information about: the diagnosis process, treatment options, patient education videos, grants access to centers of excellence, has a built in glossary of terms and more. As an addition every slightest aspect was purposefully brought to them with maximum friendliness and is astonishingly easy to be understood. Our designers were tasked to create a friendly, intuitive solution designed with end-users as top-priority. Considering target audience of the app can vary in age and gender and are not narrowed down to a certain group with particular preferences the challenge has gotten even harder. Backgrounds, icons, looks of functionality and all other elements of the application were designed to

Last Mile Health – Ebola survey

Last Mile Health – Ebola survey

LMH or Last Mile Health is a company that was founded by several survivors of the civil war in Liberia. The value of life and the importance of saving lives, especially of those who cannot do much on their own became the primary goal of LMH. Currently, they are constructing a healthcare system fit for everybody. They are literally delivering healthcare to people’s doorstep. Survivors are trained in LMH to become saviors themselves, thus spreading reach. Ebola was and remains a serious menace especially in Liberia, hence an appropriate solution was required ASAP. The task was in implementation of a mobile application for android os and native desktop application for windows platform. Both these applications should transmit survey via Bluetooth connection. Mobile application displays surve

OpenCancer Network

OpenCancer Network

Open Cancer Network is a mobile social network application that is available for different users such as patients, doctors, caregivers, friends and family, researchers. The application contains five sections: Timeline tab. This tab contains information about user activity or followed users activity like received badges, posts, shared posts and app news. Notifications view shows the activity of new comments, likes and follows. The user can find other users by name and articles, create a new post or share current ones, review the profile, follow/unfollow a user. In the details of the selected post, the user can read the full article, leave comments, open links, share posts to the social network like Twitter, Facebook, and email. Diary tab. This tab contains a list of questions for the curr

The Open Health network is a business that allows simple creation of medical applications within just 1 day. We were tasked to create a website design for them, that is both friendly and encourages people to move forward with their exploration of offered services. Our designer faced a serious challenge. He was to imagine and present a website that operates in the domain of healthcare application development and offers outstanding solutions. Healthcare app development is a serious deal as it is and requires absolute trust between partners and absolute reliability of delivered solutions. Thanks to our efforts inspires just such emotions into site visitors. Primarily we, at QArea, have considered the vast devise spread people may be using, while visiting All was t

We will help you meet all specific business and client needs!

Our solutions for your healthcare business

Web & Mobile App Development

Your clients need an interactive, customizable, and feature-packed web application that covers their personal healthcare needs. We can provide them with comfortable, easy-to-use solution together. Mobile applications can help your users build healthy habits.

Market Analysis & IT Consulting

We will thoroughly investigate and analyze product/market fit to help you create a software that is demanded in your specific business field.
We would be glad to help you with comprehensive advice and guidance.

Intuitive user interface & Internet of Things

Our UI/UX designers and engineers work closely together to achieve the major goal – making your product user-friendly. They build software architecture with UI/UX in mind to reach high performance metrics. QArea can help you achieve peak efficiency.

MVP & Test-Driven Development

Software Prototyping and Minimum Viable Product are great solutions for healthcare businesses to quickly get idea validation from their target audience. It’s a reliable way of building high-quality software in the end. We are responsible and reliable.

Effective development methodology

We establish our development process to be as fast and efficient as possible. Each stage undergoes validation and verification of the original intent, requirements, and metrics.
We establish our development process to be as fast and efficient as possible.

ERP & Patient Management Systems

We create Enterprise Resource Planning and Patient Management systems to establish easy working processes such as client interaction, invoicing, purchasing, and reporting. We create Enterprise Resource Planning and Patient Management systems.

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