ACC or the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is one of Foreign Investment Advisory Council members. ACC is also present and presented in numerous Public Councils that form or are parts of Ukrainian State Committee and Ministry of Ukraine. More than fifty different companies from various countries that legally operate in Ukraine, as well as a vast majority of direct foreign investments are represented by this Chamber of Commerce.

AAC in Ukraine was founded in 1992 and remains one of Ukraine’s most efficient and effective nonprofit non-government business organizations. One of ACC’s main activities lies in representing foreign investment communities. It is also in the business of introducing new, potential investors into Ukrainian markets. ACC is a strong and trustworthy bridge that connects numerous international businesses, opens new roads to professionals and encourages new, productive relationships between companies, thus we, at QArea are fond of this partnership as we have met many partners, proven our professionalism and fine quality of service deliveries and are constantly reaching out to new connections.

This partnership and our membership in ACC states our readiness for active and profitable collaboration and communication with all existing ACC members. We are open to the world and are looking for new opportunities and challenges, which will, once again prove us as a company that truly deserves its spot amongst leaders of the Ukrainian Outsourcing Industry.

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