Full might of the Eastern as well as Central Europe offshoring-&-outsourcing is brought together by CEEOA association, a large, powerful organization oriented on positioning Europe as a kicking global alternative to many other outsourcing destinations. These are the reasons why numerous IT businesses are members of CEEOA and, surely, QArea is too. This is required for better cooperation with potential customers, exchange and stability through gained leadership in the industry and overall better layers of communication, collaboration and levels of trust.

CEEOA is also designed to greatly improve quality of outsourcing and offshoring services that are provided by all members from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, and Romania. Customers are being supported with all related documentation, guided through legal aspect of offshoring to particular countries, assisted with appropriate choices of service delivery providing IT companies and much more. CEEOA primarily provides those who seek out for offshoring to Europe with all vital business information, numerous researches about markets, environments and so on. This significantly boosts customer reach of every CEEOA member, such as QArea and encourages IT offshoring businesses to always stay on their toes.

Surely we, at QArea, could not have missed an opportunity of becoming a member of CEEOA considering our rich experience in the domain of IT outsourcing. This membership, by far, has already helped us in numerous internal improvements and is a splendid guiding light towards world-class premium service delivery. Thus we are proud of being a CEEOA member.

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