Forbes Technology Council

Forbes Technology Council is an invite-only community that connects technical managers and executives of leading technological companies in the world. It presents a professional community of the new generation aimed at uniting senior-level technology executives to make an important impact on the business world.


The Council connects business leaders to coordinate efforts on solving business challenges in the technology and IT sectors. In January 2018, QArea’s founder and CEO Maxim Garkavtsev has been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council. Maksim Garkavtsev’s inclusion in Forbes Technology Council community indicates his high level of expertise and significant contribution to the development of the international IT community. This prominent event marked the beginning of the joint cooperation of our CEO with the top technology executives worldwide.

Maxim Garkavtsev has 20+ years of experience in managing global software development companies. He pushed for the early adoption of Golan as the primary programming language at QArea, and consequently introduced the focus on development of microservice-based software solutions while achieving complete transparency with the help of proprietary software solutions. His goal is to share his practical experience of creating positive changes in the technology and IT outsourcing industries.

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