Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday

Do you know how to call an event where numerous representatives and professionals of the Mobile, IT and Telecommunications industries gather together? That’s right, a Mobile Monday. One of such events took place in Kiev in 2006. Mobile software developers, content providers, and representatives of leading Telecom and Mobile companies presented in the local market: all gather together in one, productive workshop filled with knowledge gather in one place to share their visions of the upcoming future and all changes the industry will shortly face.

No wonder QArea was present, and more to that, we were on of this event’s hosts. Mobile Mondays have proven to be dynamic and meaningful conferences that took place all over Europe with the amount of attendants growing proportionally with the growth of Mobile and its global importance. Really powerful PR campaigns hosted by top players in the market made the event possible and have proven great potential and solid positions Ukraine has in this field. Multiple topics from 3G and 4G to Mobile Traffic trends were covered in clever reports conducted by famous speakers, such as Stephen Ives, founder of Taptu, and Jari Tammisto, the father to the entire Mobile Monday community, etc.

Being one of such an event’s hosts did have several obligations, yet the experience was more than pleasant with more gained than given. Our specialist had a great opportunity to learn more about numerous trends of the Mobile Industry, thus significantly improving both our positions and the level of services we deliver to our clients. So a great and mutually beneficial experience it was.

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