Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative

Hi-Tech Initiative is a large, friendly, non-profit organization and Ukraine’s leading IT outsourcing association. This organization is targeted at promoting Ukrainian market of software outsourcing as well as local development companies in general. Members of the initiative gain access to a partner network thus significantly improving level of delivered offshoring and outsourcing software development services. Luckily, Hi-tech Initiative assist companies who require professional IT services by guidance, legal and financial support, arranges conferences, round tables and conferences for involved companies and much more.

International communication and collaboration relationships are being established and improved to increase value outsourcing service providers are delivering thanks to efforts of the Initiative. Many IT professionals may undergo specialized trainings; a specialized club is also established for them, thus improving skills of Ukrainian talents even further. Considerably one of this Initiative’s largest goals is promotion of Ukraine’s own IT outsourcing market throughout significant improvements in the industry. Improvements that are tailored to ensure cutting-edge quality solutions are being delivered to customers as well as overall guidance, maintenance, collaboration and support of primary business focus of clients is also enhanced.

That noted, surely QArea could not have missed a place among this Initiative’s members. We value our customers and constantly aim towards self-improvements and internal evolution. Such ambiguous goals might have been more challenging if it were not for such organization as the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.

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