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There is a vast amount of knowledge and experience we have generated and maintained over years and surely there should be time and place for sharing it. Thus QArea Today was born, as a blog aimed at eliminating the breach between technical and non-technical parts of all teams involved in different projects. QArea Today is mostly business-oriented with various tips and advices that should help any business owner with finding the right way and appropriate solutions in the world of IT outsourcing. Many articles there will be covering the working process, challenges, solutions, company news and many other intriguing aspects tailored for people interested in working as our partners and clients. There will be various interesting guides, tips, tricks, FAQs and how-to’s for outsourcing projects filled with valuable and useful data that prevents all parties involved in the process from bumping in all sorts of underwater stones or show-stoppers. As an addition all latest company news will be uploaded to this blog as well as newest trends and innovations of the IT world-&-industry. Visit blog

This blog is mostly oriented on developers and the more tech-savvy members of the process. There were times our developers have learned much from the community and they still do in order to stay up-to-date and ready for the next big change. Many of them have felt the urge to repay the IT community in some way, hence they are writing numerous articles for the IT Journal blog together with the big gun – Andrew Smith. IT Journal also features work from our numerous guest authors, adding a fresh and unique touch to all content presented on it. If you are looking to find answers to your IT-related questions or simply wish to march up to time - IT Journal would be a lovely place for you to visit as it displays latest trends of software development, testing and even design as well as marketing, SEO and so much more. All materials there are produced by different authors to ensure you, as the reader get to see the big picture. Visit blog

This section will provide you, a businessman, with most important news and updates from the world of IT Business and our company as a part of it. Our experts will be sharing their experiences and thoughts about multiple vital parts of the IT industry as well as appropriate business-oriented materials aimed to making outsourcing easier for all involved parties. Going through these articles would be a smart choice for a person interested in software outsourcing services as a part of his research on the subject. Interesting articles are well written in a manner that is easy to read for better understanding. All materials are researched and designed to help, guide and assist. Perhaps reading through some of them will prevent you from making mistakes or will open your eyes to a new technology you could have missed before? Who knows? You will never know unless you try going through our article section. Read articles

This section of our site will take you to a place where white papers are stored. Not everything may be covered in a blog post or an article, nor should it be. A white paper is a large and meaningful report about a particular part of any industry, event or occasion (IT outsourcing in our case) that dives fully into the subject and grants access to numerous researches and data assuring any particular topic is covered to its limit. A decent white paper should be a well-designed guide or even a report on any complex issue or question that fully discovers and displays the subject itself with all required supporting data and even philosophy about a certain matter. It helps readers to make a choice or resolve some problems by providing required information, allowing a decision that is based on solid facts, rather than a hunch or instinct. We do believe our white papers are just such sources of useful data. See white papers

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