Real time ad system for real-estate branch

Kroodle is the site for a big Netherland insurance company Agon. The project has 7 insurance types. Every type of insurance has its own parameters for user to fill in order to know the insurance price.

The internet Newspaper: news blogs video community. Long-term project with a dedicated team model.

The Beakun project is a website and mobile applications for Android and iOS that was designed as a tool connecting various businesses with their customers in a simple yet classy manner.

Intranet site that provides for collective processing of files. Multi-roles login system, multi-level file system (clients/projects/groups) with customized space limits and other features.

The National Road Transport Association is Australia’s leading industry association of national scale. The Association represents wide arrays of drivers from owner-drivers to tankers, road trains, tippers and carriers, etc.

The challenge

We were to create a solid website that matches with expectation of Australia’s leading transport association. Our solution had to encourage confidence in an entire community of transport-related individual. It had to combine all of them into one force.

Platform which allows to make reservation in any restaurant from the list. Reservation payments can be done via Banesto payment gateway and PayPal.

Site of Icerink with possibility of booking Icerink for skating. Creation of convenient information modification of system’s pages, video gallery, picture gallery etc.


A web portal for video news materials as well as access to news located on the website from any mobile device with a comfortable and convenient interface were required from QArea’s team of developers. As an addition new functional that was previously unavailable in any browser was added with features like:

The project is a system of sites (online stores) connected to each other. The main goal of the project is making it easy to select and purchase goods, ensuring simplicity of navigation.