You-Doo is a reminder, task scheduler and handy to-do-list based on proximity altogether. While very easy to use, it provides such powerful features as calendar view, live timeline, task history, GPS groups and many more. 

Criminals Search helps locating registered criminals in your neighborhood, around your children’s schools, friends, parks and campgrounds.

Engo (learn words) is application for learning unknown words using frequency dictionary.

VK Messages, the second prize winner in the competition for best VKontakte Windows Phone messenger is just the application for easier communications.

Vkontake, or simply VK is a popular social media platform, mostly used in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is proud with more than 400 million active users monthly. Our team was to make a great AR application for users of this network.

The challenge

Vkontakte is a really popular social network with an enormous amount of users who already love a familiar interface and desire more functionality from existing mobile applications. And our team had to create a great AR experience that allows such drastic features as: