We were to create software that provides live chat functionality and adds it to any website that is registered in the system.

The challenge

Our engineers were to create a solution designed for promotion and popularization of websites. The chat is supposed to add elements of interactivity and enforce customer engagement. Additionally, such a solution is a real time FAQ, as operators are there to assist people 24/7.

Our solution

We have developed live chat functionality, which allows to communicate with the operator, who’s currently online. All it takes from the website owner is registration in the system. And some code needs to be integrated into the system. Both these processes are quite simple and do not require additional technical skills.

Functionality that was developed:

  • Site visitors can be tracked in real time;
  • Visitors can be invited to join the chat;
  • Their requests for the chat can be accepted;
  • Canned responses can be used;
  • Current chat may be transferred to a different operator;
  • Status changes can be done;
  • Etc.

Additionally, the Administrator mode provides following functionality:

  • System languages are manageable;
  • Accounts are manageable;
  • Advertisements are manageable.


We have created a powerful solution for online chatting in real life with rich functionality. It improves user engagement and delivers sites with a friendly solution for communication.


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