We were tasked to design a web app for a trade association. A web application that had to meet high standards of usability, while its primary color scheme was supposed to be black. The main page had to hold 3 banners and the rest was purely up to our designers.

The challenge

Black is a great color that literally illuminates sheik and style. Black is really popular and looks elegant, however it’s not always suitable. Poor dark design will only turn users away. Darker designs are usually awful in terms of readability, as our eyes are used to reading dark fonts on bright backgrounds and not vice versa. As an addition, it is more difficult to implement remarkable and beautiful additional features on a black background without them looking awkward or out of place.

Our solution

First of all, every element of the design was tailored with respect to usability and readability. Black was complimented with shades of white and neon-blue to ensure primary elements of navigation are both visible and understandable. Such an approach was also used to slightly guide users towards actions the trade association wished them to undertake.

Secondly, our designers have decided to place the banners inside an iPad. Such a choice fitted both the concept and the context of the website flawlessly. It always stays on its spot while banners themselves change. As an addition banners are not bordered with the iPad itself. This way a nice 3-D effect is being created adding a nice, classy look to the website.


Solutions our designers came up with fully satisfied the customer and went beyond that. Test groups of users graded the design 9.8 out of 10 and visually allocated neon-blue control elements have risen conversions in all expected areas.



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