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The client was working on a digital solution to optimize the processes of writing and maintaining medical documentation that would free doctors’ schedules from excessive paperwork and reduce billing inconsistencies and revenue leakage. The client came to QArea with a number of project management issues their team faced in the process. They needed our help in making their team and development processes on the project more efficient, flexible, and better-equipped in responding to change.

Project Duration

6 months

Team Composition

Agile Coach – 1


The client’s team had no experience in Agile development practices when they came to us. And so, the first thing we did was align the vision and scope for the Agile transformation process and set the right mindset to ensure the smoothest transition for the team. Our main goal was to establish effective leadership and set the team on the path of continuous improvement of their self-organization capabilities with minimum friction or delays.

Overseeing the adoption of the Agile method, we rewired the roles and processes on the project through a series of waves to ensure sustained agility. We improved the project’s velocity and adaptability through individualized support and approaches to each team member, their productivity and ability to respond to changes with positivity and efficiency.


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    It took us 6 months to succeed with the comprehensive and streamlined Agile transformation process we carried out for the healthcare project. The client was impressed with the improved team dynamics, significantly reduced lead time, and increased transparency on the project—all as the result of our effective Agile coaching.


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