App Development for an On-Demand Child Care Service

An app for an innovative child care service that improves the quality and flexibility of center-based child care with personalized scheduling, convenient booking, and payment by the hour.


QArea got a request from a US-based company to help them with reengineering and further development of the Web, Android, and iOS versions of their child care app.


The client needed us to provide a software solution that would effectively potentiate their new child care model. Our goal was to develop the app that enables parents to book and pay for child care by the hour, provides enjoyable family profile management and convenient scheduling.


For efficient implementation of the new child care business model, we had to re-engineer the legacy code provided by the client and tailor the new codebase in a way to ensure smooth and steady continuous development. We’ve put the re-engineered back end on an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable parse server while building the front end from scratch. We’ve equipped the app users with convenient profile management tools that feature dropoff and pickup scheduling, information about kids and their parents (including people trusted to pick them up), activity programming, as well as a rewards program. For the smoothest payment experience, we’ve used Stripe API. At the same time, we equipped the company managers with an admin dashboard for simple and efficient accounting, profile management, and scheduling.


The first version of the child care app has been successfully released on the App Store and Google Play. The app received very positive reviews from both the company and its customers. We’ve succeeded in helping our client revolutionize the way center-based child care works where parents can effortlessly design their own schedule and pay by the hour. We continue to improve the app and extend it with new features, making it even more flexible and responsive with every new version.



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