When a company experiences significant and rapid growth, the staff also inevitably grows. However, once the number of job openings exceeds a certain threshold, managing the increasing number of applicants and job descriptions with all the requirements, as well as establishing an effective recruitment funnel, can become challenging. 

This is something we personally experienced when our company started growing and we suddenly found ourselves with a candidate database of several thousand entries. After reviewing the existing solutions on the market and not finding a single one that would fully fit our needs, we knew we had to create our own — after all, we are a software development company with over 21 years of experience in every industry imaginable.

By the time we got around to developing our own applicant tracking system, we knew that it had to be based on Odoo. Odoo is the main CRM and ERP solution at our company, so it made complete sense to also include it in our updated HR operations. Plus, because Odoo offers diverse functionality and we have a team of expert Odoo developers already working on other projects, the decision to go for this technology was completely natural for us.

Project Duration

over a month

Team Composition

Designer – 1

PM -1

Developers – 2

Testing & QA – 2


Before the start of the development process, we not only researched the existing HR management solutions, but also worked with our HR and recruitment team to better understand their needs. This is what they wanted from the new solution:

  • Easy candidate adding functionality
  • Fast and secure database access
  • Ability to import data from other sources (job platforms & social media)
  • Convenient vacancy creation
  • Well thought-out recruitment funnel
  • Quick status transition from “Candidate” to “Employee”
  • Seamless integration with our existing HR functionality
  • Creating and managing the list of skills for each job opening
  • Establishing different access levels for different employees
  • An option to post job openings on boards and social media sites
  • Interview scheduling and management feature
  • Creating detailed reports based on different combinations of data

Moreover, since we wanted to create a more powerful solution than anything else we’ve seen and tried, we decided to add a smart search feature, which allows the recruiter to find the most relevant candidates from the database in a matter of seconds, using their job experience, skills, and previous interview results as some of the factors.

Another important reason why we developed this project at all was to optimize the recruitment process and see where it can be improved to cost the company less time and, in turn, money. This is why our developers added a feature that allows us to see the time spent on each stage of the recruitment process.

Odoo and its related projects are a cloud solution that can be accessed from any device through a browser. However, since it was important for our ATS to be able to integrate with other HR solutions, including desktop ones. Plus, the ability to swiftly transfer data to and from other sources was another integral part of the future application. This is why our Odoo developers made good use of the API technology.

The team working on this project consisted of:

  • Two software developers
  • One UX/UI designer
  • One project manager
  • A QA and testing team

Overall, the development stage of the project took us a little over a month, plus we spent another few months perfecting our solution and making the necessary adjustments.



Implemented features

  • Icon CheckedEasy candidate adding functionality
  • Icon CheckedConvenient vacancy creation
  • Icon CheckedFast and secure database access
  • Icon CheckedWell thought-out recruitment funnel
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    After an in-depth development and testing process, we ended up with exactly the kind of product we wanted in the first place: a fast, secure solution with robust functionality and engaging UX that made the work of our HR department easier and more efficient. Our applicant tracking system is also very flexible, allowing us to tailor every single aspect and adjust it to our workflow.

    Some time after we designed the solution for our own use and it has proven to be more efficient than anything we have tried before, we were approached by a client who also wanted to transform their recruitment tracking process. With a few adjustments, mostly UX-related, we were able to adapt our solution to the client’s needs. The client was involved in every stage of the process and we used their feedback to further improve the solution.

    We believe that every medium and large company can benefit from a solution like this, which is why we are prepared to collaborate with new clients to let them leverage the advantages of our modern and highly capable applicant tracking system.


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