Aurora Web Tool

Aurora is a web tool that helps businesses quickly gather the information they need from employees, clients, and leads. All information is end-to-end encrypted and stored on a secure database.


Update the legacy database to improve the overall performance and speed of the application and ensure compatibility with newer third-party software APIs.


Aurora’s legacy database was incompatible with the third-party software APIs that the software was using to collect, encrypt, and store all the data that was collected from the product’s front-end survey model. As the product’s user-base was growing, improvements needed to be made to the product’s speed and stability. Finally, the software’s outdated user interface needed to be changed.


Our team followed the client’s requirements and suggested a few unique solutions. Key amongst them was the creation of a new database structure for all future clients. 

While it wasn’t possible to migrate all the data from the legacy database, our team set up a Master-Slave database architecture. This allowed the legacy database to perform at the significantly higher speed of the new database.


The new database structure significantly improved the speed with which the product was able to collect and retrieve information. This, paired with changes made to the user interface, significantly improved the overall user experience and thus — client-satisfaction rates.

Additionally, the relationship between the product’s legacy and new database allowed for third-party APIs to be integrated for both.



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