Automotive Retailers Tool

We were required to create the perfect solution for automotive retailers. One providing access to a database with both customers, their desires and expectations and available motor vehicles.

The challenge

Creation of an intuitive, user-friendly interface, accessible from mobile devices and empowered with a large, secured database was our primary challenge. The app had to be focused on providing both car sellers and buyers a comfortable tool that is mutually useful and increases actual sales from delivery of relevant results.

Our solution

We have created an app for iOS. JS and Objective-C were used for the client-side, while the server-side is powered by SQLite. We have achieved numerous benefits through usage of the named technologies. Benefits like:

  • Car sellers are provided with data about potential buyers. Relevant information is pulled from the database and allows to offer relevant deals.
  • Car sellers are also provided with lists of offered vehicles and related data (price of the car, its characteristics, current state, etc.) that is pulled from the database.
  • Potential shoppers than can be offered with deals that perfectly match.
  • Database and entry fields are tested for security, response speed and duration ensuring the app has a solid background.
  • UI/UX were designed in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. The app is both beautiful and simple in use.


As a result, we have created a great solution tailored to increase sales by delivery of relevant merchandise to the right people – the key to commercial success.


  • C++
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile
  • PhoneGap
  • Testing & QA


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