Avaaz is a global community of citizens, designed to transfer politics to the community! People are empowered to take action on some of the largest issues that take place in the world today. This bold project aims at closing the gap between the world we currently live in and a world everyone wishes to be a part of.

Millions of people from the entire globe may now act as an organized, centralized force and achieve changes and results in such vital aspects as corruption, national matters, poverty, armed conflicts and more. Avaaz community operates in 15 different languages, the core team includes representatives from 6 countries and there are literally thousands of volunteers who lobby governments, organize protests and arrange important events. All the power lies in the hands of everybody!


Specialists from QArea had to deliver a stable, solid and secure platform that would withstand huge loads. We had to ensure flawless globalization to ensure the resource is flawlessly usable by citizens of different countries that speak different languages and do not share nationality. We had to ensure comfortable ways of communication, feedback and donation processes. Let’s dive a bit deeper inside largest challenges we have encountered along the way.

Huge loads

Avaaz was destined to become a stable platform for millions of people. It had to be used on a daily basis by people from all over the globe and at the same time. When a crisis hits, there is no time to fix errors, actual lives and destinies of people may be at stake and dependent on these public actions.

We have gained enormous performance growth by pre-generating multiple pages as well as some statistics. This helped in establishing a stable platform fit to withstand colossal amounts of users and visitors.


Considering Avaaz involves and triggers numerous people from different countries we had to ensure flawless support of numerous languages. We have designed, coded and tested this website in a way that has ensured easy and flawless customization of the platform, hence all necessary localization was ensured and implemented. Special attention was given to functional testing to ensure all vital aspects are 100% verified.

Ease in use

We have used the entire stack of all available and accurate web technologies to ensure such a giant is stable, secured and user-friendly. We chose to use pure PHP powered with numerous open-source libraries over frameworks, as this is a project, which requires a special, custom touch. 

In order to achieve results all processes required appropriate management. An email list that is fully operational in multiple languages was developed to ensure flawless communication. A subscription to alerts functionality was designed and implemented to ensure people can easily act out as soon as any meaningful event takes place in the world. We have also implemented a system that enables donations. PayPal was chosen as a perfect solution for this task.


Considering all given factors we have paid major attention to all possible security breaches as well. We have used AJAX in development for obvious reasons, however we are fully aware that this technology is considerably new, thus we have paid extra attention and solved many potential security flows, such as:

  • Internals of the application may be exposed
  • Client and server-sides do not have a clear line in-between
  • Third-party resource access to the client
  • Etc.

We have increased inputs, knowing that the attack surface is increased, thus ensuring better security of the website.


Such an approach has resulted with millions of dollars in donations raised within 2 days of several campaigns and hundreds of thousands emails were sent and delivered to governmental officials, political leaders and organizations. Many aspects of importance to society were raised. 


We support this project up until today and are planning to do so in the future considering success Avaaz has faced and aid as well as assistance people were able to share with each other. You know what they say, sky is the limit. We are filled with new bold ideas that will improve Avaaz even further, and, considering the size and global reach of this giant - constant support and maintenance are actual, vital necessities.


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