The Beakun project is a website and mobile application for Android and iOS that was designed as a tool connecting various businesses with their customers in a simple yet classy manner.


This project’s main objective was establishing a marketing portal in which the system itself communicates with both the users and the businesses.

The system considers accurate current time and date and uses such data to display business events that are of current interest on a map within a selected location.

Business users are creating pages with a full description of their business, location, schedule, online videos of their activity (Video Feeds) and are also creating events, coupons, discounts per a particular period of time. Businesses are divided into such categories as:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Fitness centers
  • Etc.

Every business is provided with a personal page where all information about such business’s activity is available. Every business also receives a system of analytics with an analysis of visits where there is a permanent possibility of monitoring amounts of visitors per certain periods of time considering age, the gender of visitors as well as their OS they’ve used when looking through a certain business.

Registered users may subscribe to events, save coupons, and discount into their personal My Stuff and, hence create personal lists of businesses that are of interest to them.

This is how a general system for various cities is generated where customers are always aware of new events, discounts and available coupons.

The notification system informs users about changes in events they are subscribed to.

The system grants Rest FULL API to applications in Google market, Apple store and the mobile version of the site.


  • To satisfy businesses with a marketing tool
  • To arrange a system of events and notifications for users
  • To visualize businesses, as well as the display of events businesses are hosting, based on their location and date on a map
  • To arrange an analytics page for business users


  • The portal is based on the Drupal 6 platform and the main layout is based on custom pages and blocks
  • JavaScript with advanced and complex logic was written to ensure effective operations with Google Maps
  • Series of custom modules with the usage of Google Charts were developed for an appropriate system of visits analysis
  • An API system was developed for efficient connections and cooperation between Android, iOS applications and the mobile site. The system allows to fully connect with the site from a mobile device. A powerful time tracking system was realized in the customer part:
    • There is a slider of time per a current day where, depending on the time, the list of businesses displayed on the map is changing
  • An application designed and powered with PhoneGap technology.


QArea has developed a site for everybody who is a business granting a great marketing platform for event arrangement, thus granting common users the ability to stay in the flow of events 24/7. Users will not be missing activities they wish to be a part of, and they will have access to the system from any device.

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