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  • SolutionsSoftware Development, Support & Maintenance
  • Technologies .NET, C#, MySQL, Angular, Microsoft Azure
  • Country United Kingdom, United States


Our client, BIMsmith, is a company that helps customers discover product data and interact with Building Product Manufacturers in an innovative way, and completely for free.

They came to QArea with a request to develop an ecosystem of digital services, a cloud-native platform that would provide users with means to conveniently research, select, configure, and download building product data from the world’s leading building product manufacturers.

One of the crucial systems on the list of business requirements for the platform was the analytics tool that would provide building product manufacturers with valuable analytics data to help them make informed decisions regarding their SEO and other product promotion efforts.


Project Duration

2 months

Team Composition

Full-stack developers – 1

PM – 1

Front-end developers – 2

DevOps engineers – 2

Back-end developers – 5

QA engineers – 2


The development of BIMsmith Analytics started from scratch. To provide BIMsmith with an industry-specific analytics solution that would deliver on their business goals best, our team carried out an in-depth research of the client’s business and the latest analytics solutions on the market.

Considering the huge amounts of data the system would have to process, we decided to go with a stack of reliable technologies that feature great scalability and performance. The core backend technologies used in BIMsmith Analytics are .NET, C#, and MySQL. The frontend of the system is built on Angular. We used Microsoft Azure for storage, organization of web services, and to install virtual machines. We combined these and other advanced technologies to ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the service and guarantee that the system will not lose a single piece of statistical data in any event.

BIMsmith Analytics is integrated with various third-party plugins, libraries, and APIs to improve performance. The solution features new types of queues and advanced failsafe systems to prevent data loss. One of these failsafe systems involves an API with a separate backup frontend that does not allow the service to go down. If the main frontend of BIMsmith Analytics fails, the APIs will still continue to work, preventing downtime of the service.

The system is integrated with a Salesforce API to enable building product manufacturers to effectively manage the data that would help them promote products and grow their customer base.

To ensure utmost performance of the system, the data in BIMsmith Analytics, as it is processed, is aggregated into appropriate tables. For each required type of analytical data, be it page views, visits, average time on site, bounce rate, or downloads, the system creates a separate table with aggregated data. This is done so that these millions of records are not stored in one huge table. Although such a table is also maintained as an archive, so that this data can be verified.

BIMsmith Analytics also features a comprehensive user account system with access permissions functionality where the manufacturer’s admins can manage access to analytical data for different members of the company’s team on the platform.


Engagement Model:

Time and Material




BIMsmith Analytics has been successfully completed, and now QArea provides ongoing support and maintenance for the project. Our team continuously updates the technologies to the latest versions to maintain the system’s performance at the highest level and ensure that it can easily process such large amounts of data.

Today BIMsmith Analytics supports a whole ecosystem of various services on the BIMsmith platform. The solution is utilized by hundreds of building product manufacturers and the popularity of the platform continues to grow across the US, Europe, and the UK.


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