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  • SolutionsSoftware Development, Support & Maintenance
  • Technologies

    .NET Core, Angular, C#, Microsoft Azure, Unity

  • Country United Kingdom, United States

About Company

Our client, BIMsmith, is a company that helps customers discover product data and interact with Building Product Manufacturers in an innovative way, and completely for free.

They came to QArea with a request to develop an ecosystem of digital services, a cloud-native platform that would provide users with means to conveniently research, select, configure, and download building product data from the world’s leading building product manufacturers.


Project Duration

4 years

Team Composition

Full-stack developers: 1

PM: 1

Front-end developers: 2

DevOps engineers: 2

Back-end developers: 5

QA engineers: 2


One of the requested solutions for the client’s ecosystem of digital services was BIMsmith Forge, a web tool where architects, engineers, and designers could configure complete wall, floor, ceiling, roof, and other BIM component assemblies using generic and manufacturer product data, then download these assemblies for use in their Revit projects. The client already had a legacy solution that wasn’t living up to their customers’ expectation, so our team was tasked with the development of a completely new one from scratch.

BIMsmith Forge is a BIM content configurator that enables you to build entire assemblies and download your creations to popular design tools, complete with cut sheets, specs, and other product data.


After a thorough estimation and requirement analysis, we formed a development team and prepared all the necessary documentation for the launch of the BIMsmith Forge 2.0 project. As a software development methodology for the project, we chose Agile.

With consideration of a rich variety of 300,000+ available BIM components that users would have to be able to comfortably research, select, and configure, we needed to make sure that the new version of the BIM content configurator features good usability and utmost performance. To deliver on those requirements, we went with .NET Core and C# for backend, Angular for frontend, and Unity as a rendering engine for the tool. As the cloud computing service for the entire platform, we chose Microsoft Azure.

BIMsmith Forge enables users to export product data for each layer in their assemblies or system families. They can customize these assemblies and system families layer by layer or use already assembled system starters from an orderly catalog. 

The tool is integrated with the BIMsmith ecosystem’s user account and analytics systems. For customers this means that they can save projects to their profile, keeping all their assemblies in one place, sorted by products, groups, organizations, and so on. They can easily edit, download, and share these projects with their team and organization. For manufacturers, on the other hand, the integrated systems provide the means to efficiently analyze the popularity of their products based on the assemblies the customers have selected/built and saved to their profiles.


Engagement Model:

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Implemented features

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    In four years we developed from scratch a robust BIM content configurator utilized by more than a million users, customers and manufacturers on the BIMsmith platform. The solution is being successfully promoted across the US, Europe, and the UK.

    Today BIMsmith Forge is a part of a robust ecosystem of services with a shared authorization and analytical systems as well as common databases for knowledge, certificates, and master specs that all the services pull information from.

    QArea provides ongoing support and maintenance for the BIMsmith Forge project. Our team continuously updates the technologies involved to the latest versions and ensures the stable operation of the service.


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