Cannabis Exchange Platform

In the countries where cannabis production has been legalized, there’s a lack of specialized high-quality software which minimizes the need for human labor use. The idea behind this fully-fledged web platform is to cover the needs of cannabis production and retail on a narrow and highly regulated market. The service helps to manage and operate the business from the very first steps to the full-cycle cannabis production.


The client wanted us to create a licensed product, desktop ERP system, which would control and help employees report on each stage of cannabis production. This includes manufacturing, delivery, and financial operations. The project was meant to be legally controlled by the government, and have all processes as transparent as possible.


The ERP system had to be flawless. We had to engineer the architecture that quickly responded to rapidly-generated events, and for that, we needed to make sure the API is well-integrated both with the backend and frontend.

Software security standards are very high in the USA. Licensed products must be load-resistant and secure, so the next challenge was to achieve the maximum level of protection. This was needed for data processing, financial operations, and transactions. QArea focused on how well the integration of protection modules is performed across the whole ecosystem of services.

It was also necessary to establish an encrypted liaise between the host server and the server of a specific governmental entity. It would provide business owners with the ability to manage their legal affairs regularly, on time, and more efficiently.


In the course of development, we used Python and JavaScript as the main programming languages and put the data in SQL-type databases. Our expertise in processing, busprojectіiness analysis, and engineering led us to a reasonable solution in the face of a custom Odoo 8-API module for Magento CRM. Its capabilities include but are not limited to keeping ideology of working stations, tracking the production progress, controlling financial operations, planning transactions and points of sales. We successfully implemented the integration of automatic reports to the government about all stages of production.


We’ve managed to create a complete cloud ERP system for the web platform. Achieving the highest level of security possible, we made sure all software features work as intended. Our goal to provide the user with smooth experience was accomplished along with the client’s goal to make each and every process legal.



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