A platform with rich functionality of real time environment ad placement was required by City Habitats real-estate agents. This task was handed to QArea and we have provided a successful solution. If any ad is being placed by any particular agent it is automatically uploaded inside the online database. The solution was also designed in a more user-friendly manner, hence the approach to the output format. Improvements were also made inside the administrative section as well as in overall functionality.


A solution designed to improve position of Citi-Habitats real-estate agency in the market as well as the need for a common and comfortable system which allows real-estate agent to monitor and enter ads in real time conditions and in a user-friendly (propose output format was hardly convenient so updates were required) manner were three primary business requirements of this project.



  • Improvements were made in the search interface, hence multiple search criteria optimization was achieved as well as detailed property information and summary were displayed.
  • Interface for a section available to Agents only was developed thus allowing easy listings management.
  • Admin Sector interface development which allows easy management solutions and functionality of adding/deleting Agents as well as report generation and password assigning features.

Agent Account System

  • Every agent had an ID# assigned to him that is required for entering and viewing listings.
  • Agents were empowered with the functionality of editing and deleting their listings.
  • A Virtual Tour input link was implemented.

Timeout Listing Utility

  • Listings were specified to become disabled (inactive) after a certain period of time passes. This process was automated.
  • However the system was added with functionality which allows storage of disabled lists for 30 more days.

Log and reports

  • Query the total amount of listings any agent has placed per a certain time period.
  • Query of the general amount of listings stored in the database.
  • Query by size or location or price ranges.

E-mail notification system

  • Whenever a listing is being deleted from the system Agent is receiving an e-mail notification.

Functionality developed and enabled for administrators

  • Functionality of adding/deleting new Agents.
  • Functionality that allows invalid listings to be deleted.
  • Functionality which allows Agent’s listings to be deleted after Agents are being removed from the system.
  • Access to listings that are inactive.
  • Functionality that allows to set limits on amounts of listings one Agent may create and store in the system.


A smooth and user-friendly solution was delivered to Citi-Habitats which satisfied business needs of the company to full extent.

Citi-Habitats 1
Citi-Habitats 2
Citi-Habitats 3
Citi-Habitats 4

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