A useful web application that helps companies to encourage their developers to create good coding habits. The application improves developers work awareness and aids them to write semantically correct code.

  • SolutionsDevelopment, testing, design
  • Technologies

    Golang, Node.js, React

  • Country Ukraine


Duelearn was designed for developers to help them create good programming habits and as a result, improve their overall productivity. This is a web interface application so it easily integrates into the development process. The main idea of the project was to help developers analyze their output and enhance their working expertise. With Duelearn, developers can get a list of violations with details about the errors they made. In addition, developers can get top 3 errors by severity, type, occurrence, etc.

Developers also can comment a problem on relevance and/or ways to solve it, set goals and terms for their achievement. One of the most important features of Duelearn is real-time bug status updating. This allows developers to monitor their work and quickly respond to errors. To motivate developers for better results, the application provides a final score for each individual developer or for the entire team.

Our main responsibility was to develop an effective web application that will help developers improve their work awareness and form useful coding habits. The application should be easy-to-use, but at the same time provide a complete set of functions, such as data analysis, real-time statistics, errors by priority, etc. The program interface should be intuitive and convenient, offering quick access to needed features.

Since Duelearn provides real-time data, its performance should be top notch, while the interactive design should not affect the smooth operation of the extension. Our team also paid great attention to Duelearn compatibility with all popular desktop and mobile devices.

Project Duration

5 months

Team Composition

Designers – 2

PM -1

Developers – 3

Testing & QA – 2


The project implementation got 5 months and included all the development stages from idea to release. Working on the application idea, we took into account all the peculiarities of development processes. We implemented UI/UX with a focus on the intuitiveness and flawless switching within the application features. Duelearn logic is easy, but do not slow down the overall development workflow.

To make the app fast and perfectly compatible with all the operation systems, we used Golang and Node.js for backend. To make interface smooth with excellent performance capabilities, we choose React. Management support has also played a large role in the overall development life-cycle. We adopted the best of Scrum’s management approach, which made the process transparent and fruitful. Scrum allowed us to be flexible and communicate profitable between the testing and development teams. All the identified bugs were immediately documented and then fixed.




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The company main goal was achieved. We have created an efficient web application that helps developers create useful habits and easily detect their weaknesses while coding. It encourages them to write semantically correct code and contributes to project success.  Developers can analyze their faults within the workflow, and then transform them into a great experience. This improves the performance capabilities of development teams and provides benefits for software development companies represented by qualified employees.


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