Cryptocurrency-Based Social Commerce Platform

An ecommerce platform with social networking functionality that enables users to monetize their social activity data, earn cryptocurrency, and use it to buy goods from the numerous businesses participating in the platform’s marketplace.


Our client came to us with the idea of a revolutionary ecommerce platform with social networking functionality that would not only help people fulfill their consumer needs and desires in the marketplace but also reward their engagement with businesses and social activity with actual cryptocurrency. We had to develop the platform from scratch—find the best-suited technology for the job, plan the architecture with the most secure and efficient logic, and grace it with simple yet elegant design. We had to implement the client’s novel customer engagement model into a future-proof digital solution for the dynamic and rapidly growing ecommerce market.


To deliver on the performance, scalability, and security requirements for the ecommerce platform, we chose Python as our main programming language because of its incredible code readability, productivity, and speed. We chose React for user interface development to boost productivity and facilitate further maintenance of the platform. We’ve designed a UI that is enjoyable as well as easy to learn and use for both businesses and their customers. To make sure businesses can customize every detail of their store on the marketplace, providing their customers with better service and more engagement options, we equipped them with a wide range of powerful and flexible toolkit. We used DJango REST Framework to ensure seamless interoperability between all the applications and systems on the platform.


The task was completed on time, within budget, and with the required quality. After 2 years of development and painstaking refinement, we’ve successfully accomplished our client’s ambitious goal and launched a scalable, secure, and fast ecommerce platform with its own cryptocurrency, marketplace, and social networking functionality. The platform revolutionizes the way customers engage with businesses. In addition to shopping at their favorite online stores, customers can now reap the rewards of their loyalty to various brands by sharing their shopping experience on social media and earning cryptocurrency for it. This provides a great opportunity for businesses. With the platform’s easy-to-use, highly customizable tools brands can craft unique differentiated value propositions and leverage the reward-based customer engagement model to grow social media presence and reach out to new audiences in a simple, fast, and cheap manner.



Tools and Technologies