Custom Grid Control

This project is designed to create custom controls for a grid that is used as part of an order entry application. In fact, the grid controls feature is a small part of a much larger project.

A short list of features, which we have implemented inside the Grid

  1. Hide / Show Column Groups. These previously mentioned column groups are pre-defined. The user now can tap on the column group name, which is displayed on the Left Vertical scroll to hide it.
  2. Category Searching:
    1. Products are now grouped in a top level category. If the user taps on this category, the products within the category will be triggered and displayed in the results grid. We have developed a drop-down on the right from the top level category; if the drop down is exposed then the second level will be exposed as well, thus the user will have the chance to continue with filtering results.
    2. The same product is now empowered with the ability to be positioned in multiple categories.
    3. Product categories can easily go 5 levels deep.
    4. If categories are not displayed in the database – the grid simply lists all the products.
  3. Editable and non-editable Cells inside the grid were implemented
    1. Columns possess editable or non-editable properties.
    2. If a user taps and holds inside the grid on a non-editable column – no event will be executed.
    3. If a user taps on any editable cell in a column then the number pad pops up.
    4. Edited fields will have a different color after they have been edited.
  4. Re-Order Columns
    1. There is now a mechanism whereby the user can reorder columns. These settings are, of course, persistent so that on the next entry the order is maintained.
  5. Column Headers
    1. If a user Taps and holds on a Column Header – events are being triggered. For example, a fly-out appears and it will allow the user to set a few column properties: columns are locked for permanent display, inside the fly-out the user can “Lock” the column in place, this means that if users scroll right or left these columns will stay in place.

Out of Scope features

  1. App Bar
  2. Searching
  3. Database design
  4. Application design


  1. The grid control is not bound to any database. Thus there is an ability of data selection from any source.
  2. Column types: String, decimal, numeric, image, object.
  3. The source code of the Grid control. C# and XAML template as a Visual Studio project.



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