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    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Desktop

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About client

A website and digital marketing materials for a sharing economy platform dedicated to helping existing business ecosystems transition to more progressive ways of customer engagement, as well as production, pricing, and distribution of products and services.


Project Duration

6 months

Team Composition

Designers – 2

PM -1

Developers – 4

Testing & QA – 2


The client was in the process of building a unique sharing economy platform that would enable today’s business ecosystems to adopt new, more efficient principles, strategies, and business models by means of the platform’s proprietary financial modules and payment systems. As the client was fully occupied with the development, they wanted QArea to help them with the design of the desktop and mobile versions of the website. In addition, we had to help them promote the website by designing digital marketing materials such as presentations and ebooks.

We were tasked to wrap the numerous advantages and features of the in-development platform into a single website that would be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. Our team had to conduct a thorough analysis of the market environment and decide on the design solution that would serve the set objectives best. The same approach had to be applied to the design of digital marketing materials.


We utilized our skills with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign to create a website that would provide a pleasant user experience and simplicity in form while being precise and very informative. Our team succeeded in making the website and digital marketing materials visually interesting and impactful on both desktop and mobile platforms. The advantages and features of the platform’s proprietary solutions were presented with an orderly arrangement of symbols, infographics, imagery, and small interactive elements that were complemented by very brief but accurate descriptions.


In the course of several years the platform spent in development, our team designed the perfect website to promote it. We used our skillset to complement every idea with engaging visuals. We applied our knowledge of UI/UX design to achieve a perfect balance between minimal shapes and maximum impact. We took the target audience on an exciting and enjoyable ride through the future of the sharing economy.


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