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  • SolutionsDevelopment, testing
  • Technologies

    JavaScript, React

  • Country United States


Our client owns a large construction company that provides building assistance for hotels, office buildings, residential complexes, etc. QArea was asked to create a comprehensive booking platform that should help trades simplify booking processes while reserving the company elevators, cranes, loading docks, staging areas, etc. So, the main purpose of the application is to organize terms of using certain resources. It allows construction companies to schedule resources flawlessly, helping them to avoid different misunderstandings.

The application works within all web browsers and mobile operating systems (IOS and Android) and provides 3 levels of access to the platform: administrator, user, and read-only access. The platform has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows users to easily book the necessary resources. In addition, the application contains a calendar that displays orders according to the dates, times and selected resources.

The main scope of our work consisted of the frontend part of the application and its unimpeded interaction with the Rest API of the platform. Thus, we had to develop the platform Admin Panel and User Web Client along with the common application logic and architecture. We were also responsible for creating the overall concept of the application, as well as for an attractive design and intuitive UI. In addition, in-depth QA services were included at each stage of the development life-cycle.

Since the platform was designed specifically to simplify the booking process, we also had to explore industry-specific features in order to make the platform user-friendly and reliable for business in the long term.

Project Duration

3 months

Team Composition

PM -1

Developers – 1

Testing & QA – 1


Our team has provided complete development and testing services, taking into account all the particularities of the building industry. To make the platform logical and intuitive, we used the user-priority approach. The admin and user panels have quick access to personal profiles, which allows users to book the necessary resources in just a few clicks. We used JavaScript and React to allow it reacts quickly to every user action. To make frontend even more compatible with the backend and the code clear, we adopted Redux features. Bootstrap helped us create the pixel-perfect platform that runs smoothly on every device it needs to be used.

Since the application should work both in web browsers and on mobile devices, we focused on the application responsibility and its perfect displaying on all the required devices. We also used security testing to make the admin panel and web user client safe and protected from user data leakage.


Engagement Model:

Time and Material

Dockmasters Construction Booking Solution
Dockmasters Construction Booking Solution

Implemented features

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    The application has been successfully developed and tested. Currently, users can visit the official website of DockMasters and personally check all its capabilities. Our client is completely satisfied with the final result.

    “Guys at QArea did a fantastic job. The attention to details, the quality of the code, the communication were all on the highest level. Very professional service. For the duration of this project, we not only had great freelancers, but also very valuable teammates. Guys at QArea showed great care about our project, and they did an outstanding job helping us to build our platform. I highly recommend this agency. Testing for our project was done top notch. All issues and bugs were meticulously and clearly documented on our project’s Jira. Guys showed great attention to details, and rigorously stuck project requirements. Communication and work were done on a very professional level. We highly recommend QArea.”

    — Interfaced Labs Inc., Naghiyev Kamran

    The platform has excellent speed performance and user-friendly interface. It can be easily scaled or improved thanks to clean code and the best frontend practice we used when working on a project.


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