A tool that gives developers, project managers, and clients the ability to quickly evaluate the quality of code in their project by testing its readability and removing potential causes for technical debt.

About Project

Duecode is an all-in-one toolkit for Jira/Jira Cloud that helps developers and managers to control the quality of written code at every stage of a project development. This allows managers and business owners to systematically track the personal results of developers or the whole team and contributes to the evolution of trust relationships within the project members. The Duecode toolkit allows software development team, companies, and clients to:

  • Control the property of written code and eliminate problems related to its quality;
  • Automate and improve the working workflow;
  • Make a software product viable in the long term;
  • Reduce legal risks by eliminating uncertainty from contracts;
  • Build trusting and transparent relationships with vendors, etc.

The product provides easy-to-use management features and allows users to boost their productivity in order to achieve stable development & testing  processes.


The main responsibility of the development team was to create an effective toolkit for code analysis. It should have been easy to use and understandable as it was increasingly designed for team members without a technical background. This would have to provide low latency and fast page load times, while rendering time on the interface should have been limited.

The core Duecode functionality supposed to have:

  • Analysis of the progress and quality of the code at all stages of development;
  • Graphic visualization of the received data;
  • 12 technologies are supported:
    Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, Erlang, PHP, Puppet, Flex, PL/SQL, TypeScript, Ruby, Golang
  • Metrics per developer or a whole team;
  • The possibility of daily commitment for smooth operational management.


The project implementation took 12 months and included the development of MVP (4 months) and the implementation of version 3.0 of the product. We used Golang programming languages as the main stack because of its scalability and powerful performance features. For the frontend part of the Duecode, we selected React as one of the most progressive and fast JavaScript frameworks. For data storage, we used MongoDB. Since we had to pay great attention to the management processes within the development team, we adapted Scrum approach.


At the moment, the 3.0 version of Decode is freely available to a wide audience. The latest 4.3 version is in the development stage and will be available soon with many useful improvements and additional task management features. Many companies use Duecode to get complete information about project progress. Now, it is widely used by users from the USA, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, the UK, Spain, and other countries.

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