DueFocus is a desktop time and task tracking application. The main idea behind this product is to cover the needs of IT professionals who want to boost their productivity and smartly organize their workflow. However, it also fits all other users who want to keep track of their working time. For the maximum convenience, the desktop version of the application works on MacOS, Windows, and Linux, measuring user activity not only within the web-browser but also through the whole system. Basically, DueFocus analyzes everything a user does on their computer, provides them with productivity stats, and helps to become more effective. Integration with over 30 tracking systems allows users to synchronize the data between the applications so that all needed tasks can be easily tracked in DueFocus.

We had to develop a fully-fledged time and task-tracking desktop application, that would work on all major operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux). DueFocus was aimed to be a unique solution for both solo users and collaborating teams. It had to be capable of integrating with multiple task managers that IT experts, such as software developers, designers, QA engineers, project and HR managers use in their work.

Project Duration

6 months

Team Composition

Designers – 2

PM -1

Developers – 4

Testing & QA – 2


From the very start, DueFocus was planned to be a one-of-a-kind product, full of all necessary features to make task and time-tracking as easy as possible. To implement this idea into life, we decided to build the software using microservices architecture, where each service is put in a so-called independent block. This choice made the development process consistent and iterative. With the help of microservices, we could add as many functions as we wanted, with solid confidence that previously existing ones wouldn’t be affected.

Golang was the programming language of our choice because of its simple and concise syntax, small amount of runtime errors, concurrency, and fast development speed.

In combination with Golang, microservices architecture made it possible to pack DueFocus with the functionality that allows users to: 

  • create, track, and report tasks
  • assess personal performance and productivity
  • manage invoice payments and Service-Level Agreements
  • check the team’s activity in real time (TeamPulse), and much more. 

Our engineers made the product capable of synchronizing with over 30 major task-management systems (Jira, Basecamp, Trello, etc) to allow users to have all their assigned tasks in one place.

Product interface

Our Front-end and Design teams created graphic interface using React JS and Electron frameworks. The choice fell on JavaScript as the main language for web-view dashboard and desktop app interface, because in tandem with Golang it opens a wide range of possibilities. We managed to simply organize the complex functionality and create an enjoyable appearance with the help of the Web Accessibility Standards.

Quality Assurance

With rich functionality as this, we managed to establish the fast performance of DueFocus in both online and offline modes by thorough software testing. Our QA engineers did performance, functional, load, security, and UI/UX testing to make sure the application is flawless. They put a strong focus on the important items to be easily found, thus making usability of DueFocus even better.


Implemented features

  • Icon Checked Graphic interface
  • Icon Checked Web-view dashboard
  • Icon CheckedDesktop app interface
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    After one and a half years of intense software development and testing, the product was released on the market and immediately started to gain user downloads and positive feedback. DueFocus helps software development teams to keep their relationships with the clients transparent by accurate time reporting. On the other hand, thanks to comprehensive productivity stats, solo users are also capable of organizing each day as efficiently as possible. DueFocus is available with a Free 60-day trial. QArea continues to provide support and maintenance services for DueFocus application to improve its performance.

    DueFocus is available with a Free 60-day trial. QArea continues to provide support and maintenance services for DueFocus application to improve its performance. performance.


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