Our team was tasked to develop an Intranet site that is powerful enough to provide collective file processing functionality.


After careful consideration and analysis of the challenge our team has designed website architecture that allows, supports, secures and embraces following functionality:

  • multi-roles login system;
  • multi-level file system (clients/projects/groups) with customized space limits;
  • flexible tree-based structure of files and folders;
  • access rights to files/folders based on group rights;
  • power file uploading tools via java applet (1 and more files and folders, progress bar, status bar);
  • 1 and more files/folders can be download with zip compression;
  • e-mail based notifications and events;
  • individual and group operations (delete, download, rename, create) with files/folders;
  • etc.

Additionally we have managed to provide Big data with appropriate storage architecture, information is placed in perfect order, is secured and response time is narrowed to the possible minimum considering given volumes of data.


We have tailored a solution that is perfect for file sharing, withstands high loads and huge volumes of data and is secure at the same time.


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