Making golf even more comfortable and relaxing was the primary goal that developers from QArea have faced while developing this project.


We were tasked to create an application that provides players with clear analysis and relevant data about both their strike, ball trajectory and much more. Information needs to be provided in real-time to ensure comfortable gameplay.


We have custom-tailored an application that flawlessly runs on both iPhones and iPads. An outstanding data visualization solution was created. The app connects to a certain sensor/radar device that is installed on the golf course and receives relevant information from it via personal IP assigned to the application.

The connection is held through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. All information about both the strike and the ball are analyzed by the app in real-time and delivered to users within a friendly, intuitive and easily understandable interface.


Every slightest detail is visualized within the FlightScope app to ensure perfect scores and self-improvement through practice based on actual, precise data.



  • iOS


  • C++
  • CFNetwork
  • Cocoa
  • XCode
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