Full-Cycle Development for a Betting Service

A social betting simulator, where users can create and join private clubs to bet on their favorite sports with virtual money.


QArea got a request from betting service to create a social betting simulator for Android and iOS, where users can create and join private clubs to bet on their favorite sports using virtual money.


We had to conduct a full business analysis on the technical requirements for the social betting simulator, create wireframes, prototype the UX/UI design, and provide options for the future architecture of the app. Our objective was to design, develop, and test the native applications for Android and iOS. We focused on the back-end and admin functionality of the app to make the system scalable, secure, and compatible with all the required devices.


Based on business analysis and client feedback, we decided to use Python, React Native, JavaScript, and Adobe Dreamweaver to best meet the technical requirements for the project. We utilized our experience in full-cycle software development to build a highly scalable system, which can be easily integrated with new features and third-party service APIs. The app has minimum load times and features seamless navigation. We supercharged the system with impenetrable security to safeguard the integrity of data stored. Last but not least, we made sure the app is compatible with all the devices listed in the requirements.


In 4 months our team created a system that connects thousands of people from around the world and helps them enjoy their favorite sports thorough making bets with virtual money. The social betting simulator features competitions and betting that are indistinguishable from real gambling, providing users with an authentic experience without the risk of losing real money. We’ve built a robust and scalable app of the quality that can help our client to become the market leader among apps for virtual sports betting.



Tools and Technologies