• SolutionsDevelopment, MVP
  • Technologies

    .NET, Angular, Figma, Microsoft Azure

  • Country United States


The premise

We were the second company working on this project. Our predecessors tried to build a commercial MVP based on the internal corporate training solution our client’s company has used for years. Relying on Agile methodology, we understood that the decision was faulty and didn’t allow for scaling. Our team has presented a new “from zero to hero” MVP development plan that was accepted and eventually paid off. 

Technical tasks

  • Define which core features should be included in MVP as the most value-representative;
  • Ideate the business logic and map user journey in the project;
  • Build a layered and modern web architecture;
  • Develop from scratch an early version SaaS product with all the core features;
  • Come up with a modern UI/UX design;
  • Ensure cloud functionality realization;
  • Define criteria for idea validation that would be used once the MVP has been launched;
  • Ensure MVP’s readiness for further startup scaling.


Project Duration

4 months

Team Composition

Designers – 1

BA -1

Developers – 2


We have provided this project with 1 business analyst, 1 UX/UI designer, and 2 developers. Later, our client agreed that a decision to strengthen the development team with a skilled business analyst was inspired. She helped to turn generalized plans and high-level processes descriptions into precise and detailed requirements for the system’s functions, clear epics, tasks, and acceptance criteria.

Preparing a development plan, we have:

  • Assessed the client’s technical process and limitations that define a possible tech stack;
  • Elicited and formalized business and technical requirements, established projects’ success criteria; 
  • Prepared a branched user journey map;
  • Assessed the value of each feature, chose the ones that will represent the solutions’ benefits the most, and defined the scale of deployment;
  • Ideated subscription plans’ options;

Once the preparation stage was complete, our dedicated development team, in cooperation with the UX/UI designer, has:

  • Designed the project’s architecture with all the functional, design and technical components;
  • Developed a basic, but scalable, Edu-platform infrastructure;
  • Ideated and realized a multi-functional dashboard;
  • Ensured transferring from a monolithic to a scalable microservices architecture;
  • Realized cloud functionality via Azure;
  • Offered and realized the most suitable UX/UI strategy based on the market’s most profitable references and original design solutions;
  • Realized skill paths functionality that the users and their supervisor can access;
  • Introduced limited but highly representative gamification options (badges, ratings) to boost user’s progress and increase return ratio.


Engagement Model:

Dedicated team


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It took us four months to move from the discovery phase to the MVP launch. Our well-knit team helped the client realize a market-fit, user-friendly educational platform for corporations. Uniting the efforts of the experienced business analyst, two developers, and the UX/UI designer, we created a scalable and functional MVP with additional features. 

Thanks to the workflow optimization, the client launched the product a month earlier than planned. It allowed taking part in the international online SaaS trade fair, thus presenting the solution to a much broader audience and gaining more substantial product recognition. The platform’s launch was a success, and owners are working on raising funds for further development. Now, gaining feedback from the first users, our team will go ahead with analyzing it and preparing the upscaling development plan.  


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