We created a beautiful site designed to promote ice-skating. It has booking functionality as well to ensure further comfort of future visitors.


Development of a solution that is capable of getting people interested in ice-skating. The site had to be interactive, content-rich, with support of video and photo galleries. And the site had to possess deep promotional potential.

Our solution

We have chosen to develop our solution based on the Drupal CMS. Drupal combines might and flexibility and grants limitless possibilities to skilled developers. Wide availability of numerous modules allows mind-blowing development that satisfies all slightest business requirements.

Experts from QArea implemented all following functionality in the Icerink site:

  • We used views +CCK to create a convenient information modification system for all existing pages.
  • A video gallery was created with the Embedded Media Field.
  • An image gallery was designed and created in a manner which allows it to use pictures from files that are stored in the file system of the product. Brilliant Gallery was used to achieve this goal.
  • Galleries can be created based on those stored in Facebook accounts. This approach delivers even more engagement to users and adds a fine, personalized feel. We have used the fb_gallery module to accomplish this task.


Our engineers have created an unforgettable website that literally bonds with users, delivers rich interactivity, powerful photo and video functionality and is quite personalized with every single visitor. And it allows to book tickets from anywhere to those, encouraged to go for some skating adventures after seeing all available cheerful pics and videos.



  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Web


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