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While the latest design trends often err on aesthetics compromising functionality and convenience, our goal was to unite purchase-inciting usability and a light, seamless outline. Among the primary responsibilities of our crew were:

  • Create a responsive design, maintaining a minimalistic approach;
  • Apply proven UI/UX principles for intuitive navigation;
  • Ensure the accessibility of all needed information on each screen;
  • Create a new style guide for the back-end part.  

Project Duration

80 hours

Team Composition

Designers – 2



Creating a design that increases conversions cannot be separated from market analysis and a deep understanding of client needs. Even a shade of color used for discounted product price matters. 

Forming a star team to execute this project, we chose a strong marketing background designer, which truly paid off. We launched brief on-point research and offered a solution that seamlessly united advanced Instagram functions with clients’ expectations of online fashion shopping.  


  • Designed Checkout, Shipping, Stripe Payments, and My Account functionality screens;
  • Ensured that design complies with Shopify, Woocommerce, Stripe, and Instagram platforms;
  • Designed user paths taking into account market research and UX/UI best practices;
  • Designed a Style Guide (Front-end wireframe) including typeface, color modes, and various components;
  • Created an engaging first page mimicking habitual Instagram-shopping experience;
  • Designed Catalog and Product overview with advanced (compared to standard Instagram shopping) features aimed to minimize returns and refunds. The more detailed product view allows clients to make better decisions.


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Balancing marketing and design expertise, we have designed a top-notch fashion store with a flow mimicking the mainstream shopping Instagram experience. UX/UI optimized flow and design appealing to the target users were combined to maximize average checks and increase customer turnover. Once the project was fully approved, we handed all the layouts and user-flow schemes to a separate development team. 


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