Knozen is a fun, interactive social network application designed for colleagues, friends and other people who are either related or wish to find out more about each other. Considering the purpose, Knozen was designed as a social game application.


QArea was tasked to develop a fine, secure, user-centric application that needed to allow easy, user-friendly communication interfaces, vast functionality with social gamification capabilities and solid client-server architecture that explores and exploits social media potential.


  • First of all Knozen’s architecture was planned with respect to future flawless integration with already popular social media solutions such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to embrace full might of internet’s social aspects into reality with but one solution.
  • Secondly, through-game communications were carefully considered and developed with respect to solid client-server data exchange architecture with an implementation of REST API.
  • Local storage is brought to life via CoreData technology. And, as an addition, a combination of CoreData with the file system stood as a solid basis for a rich network cache layer.
  • Simple, yet addictive and user-friendly UI/UX designs were created after careful analysis of both market and target audience preferences thus Knozen turned out to be both extremely likable and easy in play-&-share.
  • Mixpanel and Google Analytics were used to create safe logging functionality secure from malicious inputs; heavy on personal data protection and capable of delivering clear analysis for the stakeholders.

End result

All the efforts of development have ended with a breathtaking iOS solution that was named one of top hottest startups by BusinessInsider. Knozen resulted entertaining enough to kick off with 10% users spending 137 minutes in the app monthly and on average, every Knozen app user shares invites with somewhere around 2.2 other people. More than 900.000 questions were answered on Knozen by last February.


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