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LMH or Last Mile Health is a company that was founded by several survivors of the civil war in Liberia. The value of life and the importance of saving lives, especially of those who cannot do much on their own became the primary goal of LMH.

Currently, they are constructing a healthcare system fit for everybody. They are literally delivering healthcare to people’s doorstep. Survivors are trained in LMH to become saviors themselves, thus spreading reach.

Ebola was and remains a serious menace especially in Liberia, hence an appropriate solution was required ASAP.

The task was in the implementation of a mobile application for android os and a native desktop application for the Windows platform. Both these applications should transmit the survey via Bluetooth connection. The mobile application displays a survey and doctors can fill it. The completed survey is transmitted to a laptop with the installed desktop application and then downloaded to a web portal for analysis.

Main challenge – handling and analysis of data from surveys and assistance in stopping virus propagation.

Five goals underpin Ebola against program model:

  • Targeting has to be aimed at poorest and furthest villages.
  • Villagers have to be properly recruited, trained, employed and supported. Each of them had to become an actual professional in the shortest possible terms.
  • Women and children must be provided with high-quality in-house care ASAP.
  • Home-based care required to be integrated with various clinical services provided by leading healthcare facilities.
  • Top performance has to be driven through novel tech-based training and research systems.

Project Duration

More than 6 months

Team Composition

PM -1

Developers – 2

Testing & QA – 2


One important thing is that the app should work without any Internet connection. Bluetooth technology is the main mean of communications. QArea developers have designed a custom transport protocol and optimized it.

The laptop application designed as a native Windows application and can be installed on devices with any Windows OS. The application combines empty forms with surveys, packages them and transmit s them to the Android application via Bluetooth. The desktop application gathers filled surveys received from mobile applications and assembles them to the package. For optimization of data transitions, all surveys are combined into one file, with specific file extensions and are zipped to an archive.

The mobile application recognizes that archive and unzips data. The mobile application can transmit surveys to another mobile application.


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Implemented features

  • Icon CheckedTransmission of the surveys via Bluetooth connection
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    Handling and analysis of data from surveys
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    A solution which provides drastic improvements in a spread of healthcare to most distant villages and areas was developed. Thanks to LMH Ebola Survey residents were receiving training and could become a part of something big. Villagers had a chance to change something and we consider it as the primary victory of the solution developed by QArea.


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