Microsoft AIR

We were tasked to develop an ultimate solution that simplifies creation, sharing and distribution of numerous kinds of reports.


We have provided users with a friendly interface that is designed and constructed with but one purpose – lovable, plain and intuitive UI/UX empowered with rich functionality in order to allow people achieve maximum content from their reports.

What have we accomplished?

  • All charts and diagrams are cleverly visualized;
  • Information is displayed in the most user-friendly way possible;
  • Enormous volumes of data are easily viewed by users;
  • Export to both PDF and Excel is possible;
  • Strong, solid architecture with a powerful server-side;
  • Lightning-fast responses from the database;
  • Solid system of security designed to protect both users and data in storages.


We have ended up with a solid solution tailored for flawless sharing of charts and diagrams in a clear and nicely visualized manner.

Microsoft AIR 1


Tools and Technologies