Mobile Website for Certification Company

A convenient mobile website that aligns well with the style of the company’s desktop site and makes its services more accessible to smartphone users. 


We were to create a mobile version of the client’s company desktop website. The main requirements included UI/UX friendliness, easy access to the company’s services, and aesthetic correspondence to the outlook of their already existing website. 


Before getting to the mobile version development, we had to analyze the desktop website in terms of technology stack, UI/UX design, architecture, layout, and performance. Having done that, we discovered that some of the website’s structural parts were outdated which affected its performance. Also, multiple web design elements looked a bit old-fashioned and simply did not correspond to the modern UI standards. We explained this to the client and agreed that we will provide extra service to improve the desktop version of the site, which will become the basis for the mobile one.


We applied JavaScript and PHP programming languages, WordPress content management system, and JQuery library to meet the project requirements to the fullest extent, including quick performance, responsiveness, and a comfortable user experience for mobile devices. Our team organized the workflow utilizing Scrum methodology. The course of development was tracked with GitHub. We created a simple yet modern-looking layout that corresponds to the client’s expectations and works optimally on all the most popular smartphones in the region.


In just a month and a half, we managed to develop a powerful mobile website, as well as suggest and implement a few crucial changes to the desktop version of the client’s site. As a result, the company increased its traffic and achieved a new level of brand awareness, especially in the younger audience that mostly prefers smartphones and tablets over PCs. 



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