Online Store Design for an Organic Meat Farm

A website for a Greek organic meat farm where people can order the delivery of various kinds of meat and related products



The client came to us with a request to create a brand new design for their online store. They did not need the website to be bursting with numerous pages and extra features, instead they wanted us to tailor a minimalist design with the focus on delivering exceptional visual aesthetics and great usability.


Our designers carefully studied the client’s business, their values and philosophy. We used the information we gathered to conceptualize a unique design that gracefully combines simple functionality with minimalist shapes, smooth interactive elements, and mouth-watering images. The design features very clean, aesthetically pleasing layouts and search filters that make it easy for customers to browse through a rich variety of premium organic products. To provide a gratifying shopping aftertaste, the shopping cart was equipped with a list of suggested recipes that are based on the goods the customer has chosen to buy.


After a month of research, conceptualizing, and prototyping, our designers created the digital storefront design that perfectly complements the quality of the client’s premium organic products with engaging visuals and simple yet compelling usability. Now the organic meat farm can successfully deliver on the expectations of their customers with not just the quality of their products but also the outstanding online service and shopping experience.



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