Open Cancer Network is a mobile social network application that is available for different users such as patients, doctors, caregivers, friends and family, researchers.

The application contains five sections:

  1. Timeline tab

    This tab contains information about user activity or followed users activity like received badges, posts, shared posts and app news. Notifications view shows activity of new comments, likes and follows. The user can find other users by name and articles, create new post or share current ones, review user's profile, follow/unfollow a user. In the details of selected post the user can read full article, leave comments, open links, share posts to social network like Twitter, Facebook and email.

  2. Diary tab

    This tab contains a list of questions for current user's type. The user can tell about his physical activity, appetite, mood and other relevant questions. The user can configure questions from settings on his profile.

  3. Stats tab

    On this tab the user can view his stats on graphics during a week, month and year. All data are taken from answers to questions of the diary section.

  4. Activity tab

    This tab contains different categories, such as military, diet, lifestyle and etc. Each category has a list of questions and the user can give answers to the question in random order.

  5. Profile tab

    This tab contains personal information like location, description, age, gender and etc. The user can update his information on edit view, change diary settings list. Also there's available view with info about count of followers, following and posts.


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