Case Studies Which Inspire

Our project managers, developers, and testers provide high-grade development services based on the extensive expertise and long experience in dealing with the software of varying complexity. Through our case studies, we tell you a story about how to turn ideas into reliable, useful, and valuable software.

Sports, Technology, Travel & Hospitality

Raden IoT application

Raden bags are a perfect solution for smart travelers who want to make their traveling comfortable and stress-free. The bags are equipped with an integrated scale, built-in charger and location awa...

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Microsoft AIR

We were tasked to develop an ultimate solution that simplifies creation, sharing and distribution of numerous kinds of reports.


We have provided users with a friendly interface ...

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E-com & Retail, Sports


Esportsale is an e-commerce platform tailored for distribution of sports-related goods and merchandise developed by experts from QArea.


Our team had to develop a solid and secure e...

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Logo design

Logo design is also amongst services we are providing. Here are several examples of unique logos our experts have designed.

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Criminals search

We were required to create a solution that assists in search of registered criminals, delivers automation to several aspects of the process and simplifies tasks that users face while eager to deter...

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Custom Grid Control

This project is designed to create custom controls for a grid that is used as part of an order entry application. In fact, the grid controls feature is a small part of a much larger project.

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We created a beautiful site designed to promote ice-skating. It has booking functionality as well to ensure further comfort of future visitors.


Development of a s...

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Healthcare, Social Networks

Lung Cancer Foundation

This application helps people to navigate through disease-related pools of knowledge and gives precise information about:

the diagnosis process, treatment options, patient education videos, gr...

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We were tasked to design a web app for a trade association. A web application that had to meet high standards of usability, while its primary color scheme was supposed to be black. The main page ha...

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Making golf even more comfortable and relaxing was the primary goal that developers from QArea have faced while developing this project.


We were tasked to create an application tha...

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