Pharmacy Web app optimization

Our client’s solution is a multifunctional Point-of-sale (POS) application that allows pharmacies to sell medication and have full control over their inventory, accounting, and payments, as well as manage many other business functions.


Managing pharmacies is a tough task unless you have the right tool to do it. We helped our customer, a leading provider of pharmacy software solutions, optimize their web application by improving its main functionality. Now our client can enjoy more efficient and driven software that provides a much better experience to the users (both buyers and employees).


The apps’ functionality, in particular, includes such options as stock control, stock movement, different payment methods, order refunds, etc. What is great about our client’s app is that it can work offline, thus ensuring the availability of service regardless of internet connection. The main task of QArea was to optimize the app’s functionality and streamline an otherwise complex application to be used quickly and efficiently by new employees. 


We developed and implemented Odoo customizations, including integrations and data analysis, to create a solution that suits our client’s unique needs. Our team used JavaScript for front-end development, and Python programming language for back-end development. We chose the Scrum methodology and used GitLab to ensure that the project is organized in the most efficient way. Our client received email reports so that they could keep track of the project progress.


POS is an essential part of the pharmacy business, as it is the point where transactions are completed. This process must be smooth and optimized to ensure both decent user experience and business ability to control its resources. We are happy that we’ve helped our customer enhance their solution and achieve these goals. QArea has successfully completed the tasks set by our client, and we have built strong relationships with them. We’ve continued our collaboration to ensure constant improvement of our clients’ app functionality and performance so that they can bring even more value to pharmacy businesses. Also, we are working on a new design for our client web portal to ensure a great user digital experience. 



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