PingTanks for ExitGames

We were to create a real-time multiplayer game for iOS that is fun and entertaining to players and stands out from competitors.


We have developed a game that allows players to feel themselves like actual warriors on a battlefield of tanks. People can easily play with friends to finally decide who’s the best player, whose tank is mightier, and who will be dominant in the battle.

To ensure best possible results our developers have designed and implemented all following functionality:

  • Rich 2-D graphics and colorful animations;
  • Accurate physics;
  • Mind-blowing sound effects;
  • An achievement system;
  • Collectable weapons, items and bonuses;
  • Much more.

Server-end required for accurate connections that enables multiplayer capabilities is based on Photon, a fast, real-time gaming service.

As an addition, social media functionality is supported, thus ensuring even better player engagement and encouragement in new achievements. Social media features are realized thanks to open feint.


We have created a lovable game that looks beautiful on screens, has an addictive gameplay and satisfy all requirements from both the customer and players.

Tools and Technologies

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