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The PushToNet project is a mobile application for Windows Phone 8.1. It was designed as tool for easy sharing of all kinds of media content (pictures, videos, recordings, etc.) through the internet. This application, after development, has once again proven QArea is Microsoft’s Certified Gold Partner.


The project is positioning itself as an easy to use and user-friendly tool designed for simple, flawless and secure user data sharing. Any user may easily select any file that is desired, include it into preselected media catalogs, add comments to selected files, etc. Also, users should select an expiration date (it is ranged from one day to one year), and then files are sent to the internet.

As the result, users will receive shortened URL to the page which contains sent data and displays full information about the file, and the download functionality. These shortened URLs are easily shared within applications, they may become, SMS messages, e-mails, etc.

Security was one of the key factors of development considering personal data will be shared. Any user can set up encryption passwords, and files will be encrypted before being pushed to the internet. Afterwards, a user can easily share encrypted passwords with his chosen friends (even via Bluetooth technology). If another user receives the URL for any encrypted files, after downloading them, users will be redirected to the PushToNet app where the password should be entered.

Every user is provided with its own recent activity page, where they can check the last activity.

All accounts are provided with validating account credentials on all steps of using the application. This means that if any user is wielding two or more devices with the app installed on them, and if he desires to disable the possibility of using his account on the second device, he can just change the password on the first one. This will lead to force-logout on all other devices; hence login will be required on any step of file submission.

The application also constantly checks (in the background) if any files are coming close to their expiration date. If such file exists – then the user will receive a push notification about this fact; notifications will be supported with reference to appropriate file pages. So users will not lose any data by accident.


  • Easily usable, intuitive and user-friendly application designed for flawless sharing of files in the internet
  • Users have to be provided with secure ways to share personal dataDifferent range off file expiration had to be added, so files are deleted only when users wish them to.
  • Also, the push-notification functionality had to be implemented to ensure no files will be deleted by accident.


  • The application is written using Windows Runtime XAML Framework runtime technology
  • Server-side and API is based on ASP.NET MVC 4 and ASP.NET Web API technologies
  • The website, API and all files are hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud


QArea created a great, user-friendly, well-designed tool for sharing data through the internet, based on the windows phone 8.1 platform. The user can select different ranges of files lifetimes, security mode was implemented as well as a wide variety of other useful functionality was designed and delivered.

PushToNet Project 1
PushToNet Project 2
PushToNet Project 3
PushToNet Project 4



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