Raden bags are a perfect solution for smart travelers who want to make their travelling comfortable and stress free. The bags are equipped with an integrated scale, built-in charger and location awareness technology.

Customers can download an app iOS /Android, and via Bluetooth the companion app gets connected to a case, and a user is able to track their case and obtain pertinent information concerning estimated security wait time. To avoid airline overweight fees, Raden's ergonomic carry handle doubles as a scale and is able to determine the weight of the case.

For charging, the case has an integrated 7,800mAh battery that allows for up to 4x full phone charges, while two 2.1A USB ports enable dual device charging at the same time.

Additionally, all Raden bags are also equipped with Bluetooth technology, so customers never have to worry where their bags are.


Our team was to provide comprehensive quality assurance support of the project in frames of budget, deadlines, and customer’s demands, ensure stable performance of both Android and iOS apps, and perfect functioning of Bluetooth technology. Our key duty was to organize overall seamless testing process, starting from writing specifications to providing detailed daily status reports.


We have analysed the customer’s needs and established close communication with a client to respond efficiently to changes of customer’s demands and discuss improvements offered by our team, such as eliminating UI discrepancies in iOS and Android application.


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