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Odoo is a popular open-source CRM and ERP that comes with plenty of features out of the box but can also be customized in a variety of ways to help you achieve your business goals. We were approached by an Australian-based accounting and loan management company with a request to integrate accounting functionality into their existing Odoo infrastructure.

Specifically, the end user of the application should be able to easily file, process, and retrieve primary accounting data, as well as quickly switch between cash and accrual accounting methods. To help the user make informed financial decisions, the application should also be able to generate balance sheets, bank statements, and reports, display client information, and create charts of accounts.

All of this functionality should be available to an unlimited number of users once the application is released to the public. Moreover, as with any software product that has anything to do with finances or accounting, security is a major concern. With all of that in mind, our development team set to work.

Project Duration

2 months

Team Composition

PM -1

Developers – 1

Testing & QA – 1


The project began with a review of the client’s existing codebase and documentation. Our team held meetings with the client to fully understand the requirements, as accounting and loan management is a highly specific industry with no room for error.

After that, we moved on straight to developing the web application. We used our previous experience with Odoo, which spans several big and medium projects, as well as our Python and JavaScript expertise to turn the client’s vision into reality.

One of the challenges we faced was working under severe time constraints that stemmed from the client’s business goals. Thanks to having a dedicated team working on the project and our level of expertise, we managed to finish the project on time without leaving any technical debt for the client to deal with in the future.

The project was completed and integrated into the client’s suite within 2 months. During that time, we maintained active communication with the client and were quick to implement the required changes or add the desired functionality. Every feature that was requested by the client was present in the final version of the product.


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The first stage of the project was to integrate the accounting functionality with Odoo, which we did successfully and within the requested time frame. The project is currently on hold on the client’s side. As soon as the project is greenlit to continue, the next stage in the implementation is integrating it with third-party software, adding debt management functionality, and ensuring the stability and security of the application for a large volume of users.


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